4K Proxy Workflow

4K proxy workflows make it possible to produce 4k content without swamping your edit storage.

Marquis Broadcast’s Medway product offers integration between incompatible systems in media production workflows, now supports 4K media and enables proxy workflows.

Using a proxy workflow in your 4K production makes a huge saving in the amount of high performance edit storage that you need in order to edit your content. At the same time it minimises the movement of 4K media around your network.

Original 4K media can be stored on tier 2 storage and HD proxies generated by Medway and delivered to your Avid ISIS or NEXIS storage. This media can then be edited in Media Composer in the usual way. Once the edit is complete, the editor simply sends an AAF to Medway (Send To…). Medway uses this to fetch just the 4K that is used in the edited sequence plus handles and deliver it to NEXIS. The editor then just needs to initiate a re-link to replace the HD content with the 4K.

Medway 4k Proxy Workflow

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