A backup is only of use if it is possible to get critical operations up and running in the shortest time when disaster strikes.

There are two parts to the recovery strategy.

Workspace Recovery

Prioritisation of the recovery of any business-critical workspaces, and select and recover discreet versions of projects or bins with the recovery tool from time during the retention period.

The recovery is highly agile and can be directed to alternate Avid ISIS / NEXIS or Media Composer systems. For example, if target shared storage is unavailable an individual project or just a single bin could be recovered to a standalone Media Composer, within minutes.

Workspace Recovery

Project Recovery

An agile and flexible Project restore tool is provided with Workspace Backup. The recovery is highly granular so it is possible to recover.

  • Any version of any project held within the retention period
  • Any version of any bin held within the retention period

Workspace Backup customers are free to install the recovery tools on any number of workstations that can see (or be configured to see) the NAS or cloud storage. For example, Project Restore could be installed on every Media Composer or NewsCutter workstations that are covered by the disaster recovery plan.

This granularity provides the fastest mechanism to get mission critical projects back into production. It enables a prioritised recovery which is highly agile and based on production business and operational need.

Project Parking bin restore


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