Partial File Retrieval

Partial File Retrieval offers a solution to the problem of accessing only the media you really need from your archive.

Marquis Broadcast has established technology to support the retrieval of sub clips, by timecode, from media files stored in archival storage. Partial File Retrieval (PFR) has been used by OEM partners such as Quantum, StrongBox and XenData.

PFR offers massive time saving benefits when restoring just a few seconds of a goal from a 90 minute football match. PFR now supports S3 type cloud storage.

This will have a transformational impact upon the cost of retrieving media from cloud storage, whether public or private. By storing metadata about the media, with it in the cloud, PFR enables multi-site workflows. Several sites could be indexing and uploading media that PFR could restore to any site.


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