Hybrid Cloud-Ground Workflows

The above example of is of a hybrid cloud Avid re linking workflow. This utilises Medway and the Medway Engine Web Service (MEWS). It has the advantage of using cloud storage to enable distributed production staff to upload media and sequences to cloud and to also deliver proxies and partials to more than one production centre. This enables the Avid Interplay systems to operate more efficiently as they do not ned to ingest all the high res media.

hybrid cloud ground workflows

Outline Workflow

  1. High resolution content uploaded to the cloud from production facility or location MEWS indexes the media in an S3 bucket
  2. MEWS generates proxies (HD from 4K for example) into another bucket
  3. Acceleration used to deliver proxies to ground
  4. On-ground Medway creates atoms and delivers to NEXIS and logs into Interplay
  5. Edit of programme or promo ready for finishing
  6. Partials requested; AAF delivered to Medway which requests 4K partials from the cloud, or AAF uploaded to MEWS which extracts partials and delivers to ground
  7. Avid relink to high res files programme finished and delivered


Medway and MEWS provide a highly agile and low risk solution for integrating complex systems and workflows. The ability to fundamentally operate at sequence level is not a capability that can be simply ‘bolted-on’ to other less capable middleware systems. This usually means the integration of the most

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