Why Use Medway

Medway is a cloud and ground ‘media savvy’ middleware. It’s widely used in the industry by many organisations such as Discovery, CBS, BBC, RTVE, MDR, ABS-CBN, etc. Usually it is used to integrate network connected and incompatible systems, such as post production, DAM, transmission, media servers etc.

Intelligent media file, metadata, control and status management are key to the operation of Medway. However, with Medway the level of granularity and quality of these integrations is technically far superior to any other cloud or ground based system or service.

It is a simple concept; Medway integrates incompatible systems. It also manages incompatible media and metadata, presenting it in a way that interoperates easily between multiple systems, perhaps transcoding and re-wrapping a long-GOP codec and creating new target compatible XML as below.

why use medway


However, for many applications this capability is useful, but not enough for more sophisticated workflows and use cases. In this short explanation we describe why Medway is a more useful infrastructure component and why it has more capability and why it’s a better strategic choice when considering both ground and cloud based workflows

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