XenData Parking

Smart project based archiving

Optimize edit shared storage, protect valuable editorial assets & create long term media archives




XenData & Marquis Parking

XenData and Marquis have developed a tightly integrated plugin that provides both data protection for current projects and reliable archiving to near-line disk, LTO or Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) cartridges for finished projects.

Project Parking analyzes all content on shared edit storage allowing Avid projects to be copied to a XenData archive. Finished projects may then be deleted from expensive edit storage, freeing up valuable space. For current projects, snapshots may be copied to the XenData archive and then updated incrementally to provide data protection.

The combined solution supports XenData’s new DX-240 near-line disk archive that provides up to 240 TB of RAID with continuous backup to LTO.

In addition, it supports XenData’s range of LTO-7 and Sony ODA archive systems and allows the seamless management of offline LTO or ODA cartridges. Whichever XenData system is used, it gives administrators the ability to easily copy or migrate projects to secure and low cost storage.

A complete archived Avid project may be easily restored directly from Marquis' Parking when needed. Parking will check before restoring that all of the required files for a particular project are available from the XenData archive. If LTO or ODA cartridges need to be imported into the XenData archive library, it will notify the user.

Project Parking for XenData is well proven and delivers a smart solution that provides both data protection for current content and low cost secure archives for finished projects.



Smart project based Avid Archiving

# Optimize edit shared storage

# Protect valuable editorial assets

# Create long term media archives

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