Delta Parking Functionality

Versionable Avid project sharing through the cloud or local storage

Ideal for production facilities who have remote productions and want to monitor, collaborate or protect that work.

Project metadata and the associated media is archived to local or cloud storage. This provides a robust method of providing Disaster Recovery for work in progress on a NEXIS. From the backup it can be restored by project or just individual bins, to any location that has access to it. This could be another NEXIS or a standalone Media Composer workstation.

Whole projects can be restored and will open in Media Composer as they appeared the last time they were used. Individual bins can be restored into new or existing projects. Only media which is not already on the local system will be downloaded.

After updating the project, it can be archived back to the archive, creating a new version of that project. When updating an existing project, only the metadata and any new media are updated, so minimizing upload and download times.

Project Parking and Workspace Backup share a common, open, format for Avid project archives. They support a wide variety of storage from tier 2 NAS through to Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud Object Storage, S3, Wasabi and Cloudian cloud storage.

Delta Parking is a free capability of Project Parking and Workspace Backup.


Delta Parking

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