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Be secure in the knowledge that your Avid ISIS NEXIS work-in-progress is protected and managed by the industry’s leading Avid storage productivity and protection suite developed by Marquis Broadcast.

Enjoy the same levels of protection as the world’s largest broadcasters, movie studios and facilities. The number one applications for Avid ISIS NEXIS management, productivity, disaster recovery and business continuity. First 32TB licenses at a remarkable 50% of the normal price.

To benefit from this promotion, simply contact your local Marquis reseller quoting the above promotion or alternatively contact us below, ensuring any orders to Marquis are received between 20-30 November 2017.


 List PriceBlack Friday PriceSupportTotal
Workspace Backup (upto 32TB) $4,500 $2,250 $337.50 $2,587.50
Workspace Sync (uptp 32TB) $2,250 $1,125 $168.72 $1,293.75
Project Parking (upto 32TB) $3,000 $1,500 $225 $1,725


Project Parking has become the industry gold standard for Avid® storage management analytics and project portability. The system now features cloud support, delivering a seamless multi-site Avid workflow, ideal for film production and broadcast. Project Parking provides project analytics, visualisation, management and archiving, and can be a valuable tool for billing for usage. The first time that Project Parking is installed, it runs a complete analysis of the ISIS or NEXIS storage, and thereafter maintains a detailed database of all Avid workspaces and projects. Project Parking helps companies understand the capacity of productions, allowing them to easily export projects to tier two or cloud storage to make way for a larger incoming production on valuable ISIS or NEXIS storage space.

The ever-increasing capacity of Avid shared storage has completely transformed production processes, with faster networks, greater storage and more concurrent clients operating at ever-higher resolutions. This is where the Workspace Backup application can help; this powerful disaster recovery and business continuity solution now natively supports cloud storage. Designed specifically to protect Avid ISIS and NEXIS systems, Workspace Backup uses detailed analytics of Avid workspaces to ensure the highest levels of integrity of the backup, ensuring the most crucial projects can be immediately and individually recovered to production in any location that can see the backup, whether in cloud or tier two storage.

Workspace Sync provides a higher level of protection, intelligently syncing workspaces – perhaps every 30 minutes – to a second ISIS or NEXIS. This is ideal for intensive, fast turnaround, hard delivery deadline productions, such as nationwide talent shows, ensuring the maximum loss of work in progress is only 30 minutes. Both Workspace Sync and Workspace Backup can be used concurrently to provide the most useful combination of disaster recovery and business continuity. The licensing is also highly scalable, so a customer can choose which workspaces need the highest levels of protection. For example, a perpetual software license to fully and automatically protect a 32TB Workspace is only $1,125 during the promotion; a small investment to protect a business-critical workspace, especially one so valuable that it might be an uninsurable risk.

Project Parking, Workspace Sync and Workspace Backup also work seamlessly together; one very large benefit is that using Project Parking analytics will prevent duplicate and orphaned media propagating into the Workspace Sync or Backup, saving significant amounts of storage whilst also accelerating time-critical sync backup and recovery processes.

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Terms and conditions:

This offer is valid for any orders received by Marquis between 20-30th November 2017. Prices quoted are for the first 32TB usable size – any additional sizes will be charged at full price. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or previously discounted proposals. Project Parking must be licenced to the usable capacity of the Avid storage. Workspace Backup and Workspace Sync must be licenced above the size of the protected workspaces.

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