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Fastest restoration of mission critical projects  Project aware analysis allows an individual project, or individual bin, to be restored to any location, with only the media it references.
Agile recovery tools included ultra-granular recovery  Can be pre-installed on any system e.g. Media Composers or News Cutters that are part of the disaster recovery plan. 
Protection from accidental project or bin deletion  Incremental backup allows for the restoration of any version of a project or bin throughout the retention period 
Protection from accidental deletion of media files  If media goes off line, restoring the project or bin will selectively bring back only the missing media files, not all the media files associated with the project or bin 
Background restoration of whole workspaces  Entire workspaces can be restored to NEXIS whilst mission critical individual projects or bins are restored to individual workstations 
Effective use of network bandwidth without impacting operations  Schedule backup times and inactive periods to use maximum network bandwidth during out of hours operations. Network performance can be throttled during operational periods 
Maximise transfer speed over specific networks  A performance test tunes buffer size and thread numbers to maximise network speed on an individual network 
Administrators can access any files within the retention period from Tier 2  This has operational benefits as no ISIS NEXIS connectivity is required. Content that may have been deleted on ISIS Nexis is still available in the Tier 2 retention period 
Scaleable Workspace Backup Licensing  Workspace Backup scales in 16TB usable blocks so Enterprise Class disaster recovery protection is available, starting at the smallest scale. 

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