Workspace Backup

Avid Nexis

Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

Analyses and copies Avid workspaces and projects to Tier 2 storage and the cloud.

Workspace Backup first runs low-level analytics to examine and characterise every byte of data held within the source Avid workspaces. It then backs up the content of the workspaces before copying all the projects that use media in those workspaces. Finally, those projects are analysed and any other assets that are linked to them are also backed up. Thereafter, any subsequent backups replicate changes in the source workspaces and capture new versions of the projects.

Workspace Backup

Data is held in the incremental backup for a period specified by the administrator. For example, a 28-day rolling backup holds data intentionally or unintentionally deleted from the source workspace for 28 days. The entire history of every project and bin is available for 28 days as well.

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