Workspace Sync | Benefits

System Failure

Switch Media Composers and Interplay seamlessly to synchronised workspaces Because the synchronisation produces an exact copy of the workspaces the Interplay and/or Media Composers have no need to re-index the media files and can continue working immediately.
Restore workspaces to primary location whilst continuing to work After achieving business continuity by switching Media Composers to the secondary synchronised workspaces, the primary site can be repaired and the synchronisation reversed to restore the media.
Works with any combination of ISIS or NEXIS Makes it very simple to use any available Avid shared storage resources as part of a Business Continuity plan
Support for asymmetric source and target storage capacity Workspace Sync can protect all workspaces, or a just a subset. The only requirement is the usable capacity on the target ISIS/ NEXIS is larger than the source workspace
Transition from ISIS to NEXIS without downtime Frequent synchronisation of ISIS workspaces to NEXIS allow for the gradual transition over days or weeks of projects from one to the other with no downtime.
Scalable Workspace Sync licensing Workspace Sync licensing scales in 16TB usable blocks so enterprise class business continuity protection is available starting at the smallest scale
Minimise the data copied Set exception rules to prevent temporary or unnecessary files from being included in the synchronisation.

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