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Workspace Sync Recovery

In the case of Avid ISIS / NEXIS not being available in the primary location Media Composers can connect to the replicated workspace(s) in the secondary location. In the example below avid interplay is also rerouted to the second location.

When the original Avid ISIS / NEXIS becomes available again it is possible to redirect the Sync to rebuild or update the original Avid ISIS / NEXIS and then if appropriate, reattach the original editors to the original storage.

Workspace Sync Recovery2

Workspace Sync can also be used to simplify and de-risk the transition from older ISIS to NEXIS. Setting up a regular synchronisation means that individual Media Composer clients or projects can be transitioned one at a time and without downtime. Once all the clients have been moved across to the new storage and confirmed that all media is still on-line, the older storage can be decommissioned or re-assigned.

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