Workspace Sync


Business Continuity

Synchronises Avid workspaces for immediate business continuity

Workspace Sync provides the highest level of work in progress production protection. It is designed to protect business critical work in progress, such as high value productions that may have contracted deliverables, SLAs and associated penalties. 

Workspace Sync

Workspace Sync synchronises a NEXIS / ISIS workspace to a remote NEXIS / ISIS using set and forget rules. For example, the Sync could be scheduled to take place every for 30 minutes during working hours. The benefit is that work in progress is almost immediately available in the second live Avid NEXIS / ISIS system, there is no recovery delay.

Workspace Sync works with any combination of ISIS or NEXIS as source and target. The source and target systems are not required to be the same capacity. The only requirement is that the available usable space on the target ISIS or NEXIS is larger than the protected Workspace on the source.

Workspace Sync is optimised to transfer workspace data as fast as the network and source and target NEXIS will allow. This can be beneficial especially for the first replication, however, if bandwidth use needs to be constrained, Workspace Sync can be configured to not exceed a predetermined transfer rate.

The licensing makes for a very cost-effective approach towards business continuity. For example, there may be a business-critical workspace of 16TB on a 512TB NEXIS which is also backed up each night by Workspace Backup as part of the disaster recovery plan. By adding a 16TB Workspace Sync license, the mission critical Workspace could also be synced to a 20TB Avid Nexis Pro to provide an additional layer of business continuity protection.

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