Workspace Tools and Parking

Using Workspace Sync and Workspace Backup with Project Parking

Workspace Backup and Sync can also be used in conjunction with the Marquis Avid project lifecycle management application called Project Parking. As of January 2017, Project Parking manages over 50PB of Avid ISIS / Nexis worldwide and is Avid Platform Certified.

Project Parking is a complimentary application to Workspace Sync and Backup. It includes a full suite of Avid ISIS / NEXIS storage management, visualisation, tracking and clean up tools.

WT and PP

Project Parking can archive projects permanently and make projects portable. For example, a freelancer may need to take a project home take a project home or to an OB and then use Project Parking to version the changes back into the original Avid ISIS / NEXIS project.

Workspace Tools and Parking

Project Parking will clean up duplicate and orphaned junk media files - typically resulting in 10-20% space recovery on an Avid ISIS / NEXIS that is in regular use.

When Project Parking is used to tidy up the workspaces before Workspace Backup or Workspace Sync are run it has benefit of ensuring no unnecessary files from the source Avid NEXIS / ISIS will propagate into the backup, sync, or archive storage, saving significant storage capacity.

For example, if Project Parking recovers 40TB capacity on a source Avid ISIS / NEXIS it will also reduce the storage capacity needed in the:

  • Workspace Backup Tier 2 storage by a minimum of 40TB
  • Workspace Sync target Avid ISIS/NEXIS by 40TB.

Thus, saving 80TB across both source and destination Avid ISIS / NEXIS and at least 40TB in the backup retention period: a total of 120TB.

As Project Parking removes all redundant files prior to syncing or backup it also significantly reduces network traffic, further reducing the time needed for back-up and recovery.

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