Workspace Tools Management

Using the Workspace Tools web server administrator interface, it is possible to remotely monitor and manage the Workspace Backup and Sync.

Workspace Tools can be accessed from two different sets of web pages. One, intended for operational reporting offers a read only view of the status of the system and any messages created by individual jobs. These pages are available to any number of concurrent users who may have operational interest regarding system utilisation, for example assistant editors, operations, and finance for billing or auditing purposes.

The second set of web pages offer full administrator control over the Tools. A secure login is used so malicious access is not possible. Using these pages, it is possible to remotely navigate and manage the workspace backup logic and timing to modify rules for sources and targets for backup. So, say the source facility is unavailable, you can remotely redirect the recovery to another facility.

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Sophisticated ‘set and forget’ rules can be applied to manage the frequency of backups or sync jobs.

Workspace Tools transfers data at high speed, such that it can fully utilise a 10Gb/s connection to Avid ISIS / NEXIS. It also tests the available network connectivity, optimises the buffer sizes and number of multiple concurrent threads for maximum throughput.

On very large systems running 24/7, if an operational time window cannot be made available to operate at maximum transfer rate, Workspace Backup can throttle the network connection to enable normal production to continue, whilst the background backup process continues.

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