Workspace Tools vs Generic IT 

Civil Unrest


IT backup and restore software

Workspace Tools and Project Parking

Avid project data analytics

No understanding of Avid projects, bins and formats

Complete understanding of the projects, media held on ISIS / NEXIS and linked assets

Understanding of orphaned files Backed up like any another file Detects ‘orphaned’ files that are unknown to Interplay or are not used in projects
Removal of duplicate files All files will be backed up Duplicated media, even with different filenames can be identified
Avid project aware recovery Recovery of individual projects with all associated media would be manual, skilled and time consuming Quickly retrieve any version of any project with all referenced media
MOB IDs No knowledge of media files Understands the difference between MOB IDs and filenames because it understands Avid OP-Atoms
Interplay Integration Very unlikely Cross references orphaned files against projects and Interplay
Storage Analysis Analyses files as just files Understands which media files are being used by which projects
Agile recovery of projects Files will be restored in bulk or manually by filename Pre-installed, project aware recovery tool on any system e.g. Media Composers or NewsCutters.
Reported Integrity of archived projects Will report archives as successful when the archived project is incomplete Analytics ensure that all project media that is outside the configured workspace is also copied so the backed up projects are complete

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