Analysis Parking - Overview

The Avid Storage Analysis Solution


The solution to understanding where your NEXIS space has gone. ANALYSIS PARKING has the tools you need to understand which projects are using up space.

ANALYSIS PARKING understands the relationships between Avid projects, folders and bins and all its media. It does this by examining all project files and compiles a list of complete media references.

ANALYSIS PARKING then looks at all the media and matches the project references to that media allowing the application to complete some very useful tasks:

  • Analyse Media & Workspaces
  • Locate all media associated with a project
  • Understand which projects are using up most space
  • Understand how much space duplicate and orphan media are using up
  • Export reports to share storage use with production staff and clients
  • Use exported reports to bill clients for usage over time

 Large facilities around the world trust their NEXIS housekeeping to PARKING.

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