Take Projects Offsite

Work on your Media Composer projects wherever you are. Move a project and all its media from your ISIS shared storage to a laptop to continue your work out of the office. Then merge the changes back into the ISIS version at the office, even if that has been worked on in the meantime.

Move Projects between tiers of storage or different locations

Benefits gained by PARKING's ability to make Avid projects portable include:

  • Moving media from one facility to another
  • Taking projects offsite to re-edit (adding flexibility to a production)
  • Freeing up space on high value edit storage
  • Archiving (Creating Disaster Recovery files for storing offsite - projects can later be restored to Avid)

PARKING enables the user to archive and move entire projects from multiple local or shared workspaces to a new destination. The user can also create multiple archive destinations, for example another shared storage area or even a locally attached USB drive.

A detailed report is produced upon completion of an archive giving the user certain knowledge that the project will be in exactly the same state when restored.

About Us

Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

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