Enabling Cloud Migration and Integration with Medway
25 April 2017

Enabling Cloud Migration and Integration with Medway

In 2011, I presented one of the first Cloud in Broadcast papers at BVE. It had a technology waves of change theme running through it and made the case that adoption of cloud in broadcast was inevitable for many applications and really time for the industry to take notice. On reflection, Id say 5% of the audience were on board, 20% thought it had legs, 25% were curious, and to the remaining 50% it was, to use modern parlance, fake news.


Six years later and the industry is transforming at a phenomenal rate, as you wander around NAB, youll  find that the only vendors that dont have a cloud strategy make stage weights, flagpoles, or studio lighting, or maybe they do?

Cloud can enable significant business and workflow benefits, usually decoupling people and their media workflows from much of the legacy physical local systems. However, for almost everyone other than a green field (or blue sky) start up, there is going to be some form of integration, migrating media assets or workflows and concurrent working of old and new.

Another point worth making is just because a workflow is in the cloud doesnt mean the integration and interoperability issues have gone away. As long as there is media and metadata incompatibility (and there always has been) between acquisition, production and delivery, there are going to be issues of one kind or another.

So, heads of operations and technologists who may see the benefits of cloud based workflows on one hand, also face the risks associated with deployment and integration.

Marquis has a media-centric middleware called Medway which has been automating the integration of fundamentally incompatible systems workflows and processes for years. It contains one of the largest libraries of contemporary and legacy applications, storage, metadata and media integrations.  Medway has become the Switzerland of media integration and gives our customers more freedom in their choices of infrastructure and simplifies live migrations between library archive production and asset management systems.

So what of cloud? Our strategy is to simplify the cloud enablement of media workflows by enabling seamless hybrid ground and cloud workflows, whilst also supporting asset integration into cloud storage with PFR and EDL relinking. 

To achieve this we have migrated the Medway engine into AWS. Medway on the ground uses pure compute resources, using no temporary storage during transcodes and rewrapping - its extremely fast. In the cloud, its faster still. So its possible to integrate complex multi-res workflows that also dynamically re link to ground based productions

In conclusion Marquis has created a simple to deploy, agile and low risk solution that enables cloud and ground workflows to be integrated together.

If you are at NAB please come and see is at Marquis SL 9030 and IBM SL 3305.


This article was previously featured in Broadcast Film and Video April 2017


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