Replacing Avid Transfer Manager with Marquis Medway
02 August 2017

Replacing Avid Transfer Manager with Marquis Medway

Medway is a very powerful and scalable media-centric middleware solution, enabling a complete digital workflow to ensure edit platforms, MAMs, video servers and archive systems can work seamlessly together. Designed to meet the demands of the most challenging production environments, Medway is used globally by broadcast, production, post production, newsrooms and playout facilities. In addition, it is an excellent plug-and-play replacement for old Avid Transfer Manager systems, offering immediate cost, operational and performance benefits.

Medway simplifies Avid workflow complexity by use of the world’s largest library of certified workflow and metadata integrations. It enables clients and integrators to build out the precise workflows they need for their business, often including complex migrations from legacy production, transmission and DAM systems to new and contemporary systems. Many broadcasters also plan to use cloud storage in the future – either public or private – but struggle to understand how it would link to their existing on-site workflows. Medway offers integration between incompatible systems in media production workflows and is now cloud-enabled too, bringing the richest set of legacy and contemporary integrations to cloud and hybrid workflows.


Over the past ten years, the demands on media production infrastructure have expanded exponentially, especially with the transition to IP-based workflows. “At Marquis, our goal is to help facilities improve the efficiency and ease of digital workflows,” comments Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Medway achieves this through cost-effective integration between leading broadcast content applications, ensuring products such as edit platforms – either standalone or using shared storage – and third-party MAMs and automation systems can work seamlessly together.”

Businesses require highly-agile multi-vendor interconnected workflows, plus they always need to adapt to new standards and file types, such as UHD and HDR, along with using cloud technology. Of course, such integrations need to be ultra-reliable and eye-wateringly fast. The snag is how to easily integrate legacy infrastructure into the new workflows and make existing workflows more efficient and effective.

Medway can be used to replace old Avid Transfer Manager systems, offering many cost-savings and performance improvements. It typically reduces the number of Transfer Manager servers by 50% yet can run on the same legacy hardware. Medway’s ultra-fast processing makes transcoding, re-wrapping, audio matrixing and VANC handling both quick and reliable. It is designed to support complex workflows, seamlessly integrating advanced metadata processing and exchange between the systems it connects, which it does resiliently and reliably. Automatic hardware fail-over, efficient throughput control and expandable bandwidth – together with comprehensive diagnostics – means Medway will be a reliable and predictable part of your infrastructure.

Medway works by transferring media and metadata from a source system to a destination one, although the workflows can be far more complex. The source system can be one of many different manufacturers’ systems or storage, such as a Media Asset Management system, automation system or the Avid Interplay PAM. Medway talks directly to the source system, often using an API such as Interplay Web Services. It minimises the load on the source system by taking the media from it in its native format and handling all the processing on its own servers. It also accelerates and reduces the risks inherent in deployment of future integrations, including hybrid cloud/ground workflows.

Medway is faster, more reliable and has a much larger codec library than Transfer Manager. It supports multiple concurrent transfers, is bi-directional and can dynamically assign transfers when multiple servers are in use. Medway will also connect incompatible versions of Avid Interplay PAM, which greatly simplifies large or multi-site upgrades. So, a straight swap-out business case is simple to make.

It is the additional benefits of enabling Medway connectivity into multi-vendor workflows that simplifies the deployment of new workflows and avoids complex bespoke integrations. Medway already has a very large off-the-shelf integration library that can be easily extended to support new vendors. Most importantly, Medway is actively developed by Marquis Broadcast and has a strong future roadmap.

This ongoing innovation, together with the Medway support of cloud storage, enables workflows to be spun out into the cloud through MEWS, the Medway Engine Web Service. Once Medway is deployed, it enables a world of media-centric connectivity, making the deployment of new workflows as easy as integration to legacy workflows. The cloud compute-hosted Medway Engine Web Service brings the power of Medway to the cloud and offers a simple and fast way to deploy hybrid cloud/ground integrations.

By taking the first step of replacing old Transfer Managers with Medway, a world of connectivity becomes possible. Medway decouples workflows from specific technologies and enables a free choice of media technologies. Many of the Medway integrations are certified by partner manufacturers and are available off the shelf, so business and workflow transformations are low risk and highly agile, accelerating the deployment of new workflows and services.

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