Turning Cogs with our Accidental Rebrand
15 February 2018

Turning Cogs with our Accidental Rebrand

Here’s a fun fact – Marquis Broadcast grew around 40% last year. So what, or even why, you may ask? For us, it was due to lots of hard work, new customers and perhaps – just maybe – we’re doing something right. As way of introduction, we develop specialist software, performing tricky integrations including apps for post-production, disaster recovery, analytics, cloud workflows and large complex enterprise middleware integrations. Our customers range from big studios, including Warner Bros and DreamWorks, broadcasters, such as CBS and the BBC, and large service providers, including Ericsson and Telefonica, right through to post houses, such as ENVY and The Farm Group, and finally to many thousands of creative individuals.

Last year, we set out to transform ourselves, our products and our branding. In the end, we ‘semi-accidently’ re-branded Marquis Broadcast, thanks to a new product called Worx4 X, some cufflinks, steam punk, a developer and a student on work experience! Early in 2017, we launched a new FCP X app called Worx4 X, which is on Apple’s Mac App Store. Worx4 X consolidates exported Apple FCP X projects, drastically reducing their size by analysing the media that’s been used, then creating a folder of trimmed media. It’s pretty neat, since in some cases it’s able to reduce a project size by 90% without any loss of quality or edit-ability. Its launch case-study was the Tour de France production for ITV4 by Vsquared TV, where Worx4 X was used to speed-up production, provide network delivery of work in progress, and of course to provide a massive reduction in storage costs.

A key part of delivery to the Apple App store is to have a product icon that reflects the new product in some meaningful way; so with lots of tea biscuits and contributions from our ‘closet creatives’, the cuff link watch movement / steam punk idea became the new Worx4 X icon.

cogs 1

In many ways, the mechanical movement became a metaphor for the invisible complexity and clockwork reliability of the software we produce – or at least that’s how we like to think about it. For example, we now have cloud support for most of our products, including Project Parking and Workspace Tools, which provides class leading protection and recovery for Avid NEXIS work-in-progress. We have also launched our Medway Engine Web Service in cloud compute; this does amazing things, including cloud-based 4K proxy relinking workflows.

So, with last year’s IBC show approaching, we further developed the cogs theme, and more tea later, the hard cogs became fuzzy cogs, using the fuzziness to create an apparent depth of field so any graphics or icons appeared sharp in the foreground. The theme had to also work on web pages and presentations, plus look good when scaled up to 3m high for a trade show stand.

cogs 2

On the back of this, we rebuilt and re-branded our website and deployed our new ‘fuzzy cogs’ at major trade shows, including IBC and NAB. So, the next time you see us at a trade show, jump on our website or download Worx4 X from the Mac App Store, don’t forget our fuzzy cogs story. Marquis Broadcast are on stand K18-POD4 at BVE2018 and, as always, more than happy to discuss cloud and ground integration and workflows.

For further information, visit Marquis Broadcast on stand K18-POD4 at BVE, schedule a meeting here.

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