ARTV (TV Parlamento), Portugal

ARTV (TV Parlamento), Portugal

ARTV (TV Parlamento), the internal television channel of the Portuguese Parliament, has installed Medway, Marquis' software integration and format conversion software. ARTV chose Medway to improve the delivery of media between the multiple processes involved in its enterprise-wide broadcasting environment.


Medway enables ARTV to select and transfer file-based media quickly and easily from Omneon storage systems to Avid Unity storage networked to three Avid Media Composer Adrenaline editing systems. Operators are able to browse and retrieve content via a Medway interface which is accessible from within the Avid systems.

After editing, the finished sequences are moved to the Omneon systems via Medway and added to the channel playlist ready for playout. ARTV uses an Omneon Spectrum server to record up to six simultaneous ongoing parliamentary sessions and debates, and for continuity playout.

Medway provides a seamless workflow for ARTV by enabling the media files to move transparently between the systems. Medway rewraps media and its metadata in the appropriate formats so that they are delivered ready to use. Media is transferred at faster than real-time speed in a highly efficient workflow environment without file incompatibility delays that frequently occur when media moves between different manufacturers' architectures.

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