Disk Archive

Disk Archive Corporation develops and supports high capacity, high availability solutions for the long-term storage of large volumes of media assets. Broadcasters and professional media companies can use the ALTO Disk Archive as an alternative to a data-tape archive and as content library becomes central to todays media operations, ALTO can combine the archive function with cost-effective cache storage for news production and post-production workflows, video on demand libraries and a TX-ready content and graphics feeder for integrated playout solutions.

ALTO is optimised for longevity and security of media assets without the downtime, and access limitations of data-tape libraries, combined with low total cost of ownership and excellent environmental credentials.

As a result of recent developments in disk drive technology and new strategies for data protection, ALTO can offer performance and economic benefits as a replacement for data tape archives or in hybrid disk and tape systems whilst at the same time eliminating the widely held concerns about the security and running costs of RAID-based disk arrays. Established in 2009, Disk Archive Corporation draws on more than 15 years experience designing, delivering and supporting media storage, media asset management and archive management solutions.

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