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emam logoEmpress Media Asset Management LLC, is a leading provider of digital asset management and workflow management systems for media and entertainment, and corporate clients. It is part of the Empress family of companies, which includes Empress Cybernetics System PVT LTD, specializing in customized software and database development and Empress Media Inc., one of the largest distributors of blank recording media and supplies.

eMAM is a web based system that provides hardware agnostic complete workflow solutions running on standard IT servers and storage, or in the cloud. With Project Parking, eMAM users can now manage complete Avid projects: sequence edits, effects, settings and every media referenced by the project. Users can move Avid projects quickly and easily from expensive proprietary storage used for editing to low cost storage managed by eMAM. This minimizes the use of proprietary storage and allows users to utilize the intuitive eMAM interface to archive projects, sequences or elements, search and preview older projects, sequences or elements, and share the content with editors using other NLE systems, other staff, or clients. Avid editors can use eMAM to restore old projects or search an entire library of stored elements stored in low cost storage, in the cloud, in the archive, or offline on physical media.

The combined solution provides a very efficient workflow without having to expand expensive editing storage systems and the power and flexibility of the eMAM system.

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Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

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