Marquis has integrated the API for Oracle's Front Porch Digital DIVArchive® CSM system with its Project Parking storage analysis and management tool for Avid® editing projects.

The integration allows Avid users to archive and restore editing projects based on either a stand-alone or shared Avid storage environment. Marquis and Oracle’s customers will be able to manage shared edit storage more effectively and use the power of DIVArchive to control the archive. The enhanced functionality from the DIVArchive/Project Parking integration will be especially useful for clients that use shared storage and need to communicate outside their facilities, such as major broadcasters, postproduction facilities, and large corporations. The cooperation will enable Marquis clients to minimize their storage costs while supporting their own customers with the highest service levels. It will also make edit storage much more reliable and provide an easier way to move projects around.

In addition, a new scheduling function enables clients to schedule archiving from the shared storage, either regularly for disaster recovery or selectively in order to free up space — a feature that will be particularly attractive to users in large facilities because it will ensure appropriate use of resources and add significantly to resilience. 


Project Parking for DIVArchive allows you to archive and restore whole projects: all the bins, sequences and media files, or only archive bins that are important.

When using the DIVArchive plugin operations will behave in a similar manner as with archives based on standard disk storage.

In the case of DIVArchive and rather than using local disk storage, Project Parking will connect into the DIVA system and exchange project archives with DIVA.

As Project Parking is integrating with the DIVA system there are some areas within the DIVA configuration that will need to be completed and checked before Project Parking will be able to pass any media.

The media workflow used by DIVA will exchange projects via a “Staging” area of storage that is visible to both the Project Parking application and the DIVA system. Project archives will be copied to the staging area before being processing by DIVA. Project restores will be restored to the staging area by DIVA (after a request from Project Parking) before then being moved back into Avid by Project Parking.

All projects are held within DIVArchive as “tar” archive files.

Therefore, additional versions of the same project will take a full snapshot of the project, including the media.

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