IPV are the driving force behind the worlds most advanced solutions for Video Browsing of content over standard IT networks in a multi-user desktop environment. IPV have been selected by major broadcasters to advance their browse based workflows increasing efficiencies and reducing the costs associated with dedicated systems.

IPV's Curator tapeless workflow solution is fully integrated with Marquis' Medway media transfer and format conversion software enabling Curator operators to use Medway functionality to browse file lists and access media sequences located on a range of third party systems. Furthermore, it allows users to move selected media sequences quickly and easily into the Curator environment. Medway automatically rewraps the chosen media and moves it at full network speed as a background process. Transfers are made smoothly, avoiding bottlenecks in workflow that may otherwise occur due to the disparity in file structures between systems.

The benefits achieved with this Curator-Medway integration include improved output efficiency as well as a greater choice of equipment that can be incorporated into Curator-based workflows. Being able to guarantee a seamless operation between Curator and a wider range of broadcast systems also means content creators can more easily repurpose their content for new media platforms.

Medway's user interface and simple drag and drop control make it a very intuitive system for all skill levels. Designed specifically to meet the demands of the most challenging broadcasting and television production environments, Medway is also suitable for newsrooms, ingest, encoding, transcoding, asset management, editing, broadcast automation and finishing systems and playout servers.



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Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

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