01 October 2019

How to best protect Avid Media Composer work-in-progress?

Hats off to Avid for a great response to the mysterious data corruption issue knocking out Mac Pro workstations last week. It has caused many editors and creatives to reflect on how to best protect Avid Media Composer work-in-progress. At least the issue here has been recoverable, phew! However, in many disaster scenarios, recovery is not possible, for example theft.
For just this application, we have a low-cost product called Archive Parking which will run on both PC and Mac running Avid Media Composer. Using clever analytics, it makes Avid projects super manageable on a PC or Mac (with VM) but also archives them in a really smart and efficient way.
When Archive Parking first processes a project, it analyses the project and bin files to identify all of the media files used and creates an archive of the media and project files. Each time it is archived, a new snapshot of the project files are written into the archive, creating a version history of the project, together with any newly used media files.
After the first archive process, the project archive only increases incrementally in size, and it usually completes really quickly too.
Archive Parking also includes native cloud connectors and controls so you can securely backup to the cloud too. Want to share and version Avid projects with remote creatives? Good news, this can be done with our Delta Parking functionality within Archive Parking.
Of course, we could add a ton more reasons why Archive Parking is so cool, but we thought it would be easier to let you find out for yourself. Please try a free two week trial of Archive Parking for Media Composer on both Mac and PCs here.
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