Park Your Projects for Free During the Election

Park Your Projects for Free During the Election

Rent a petabyte of Project Parking for free until 30 November 2020

If you are using Avid NEXIS in news, one thing we can be sure about this election above all others, it's going to create tons of content. Content that you and your production teams will need to actively manage. Project Parking provides an easy way to maximize your Avid NEXIS and easily stage content on and off the NEXIS.

Unlike any other system, Project Parking uses low level analytics to allow a simple visualization of the NEXIS usage and status. It doesn’t matter if you want to move projects to disk, cloud or share with another facility or remote editor - it’s all silky smooth. You don’t have to recover complete projects online, Project Parking can recover down to a bin level and it could be that key Biden or Trump campaign moment.

So what’s so special? You can rent a 1PB capacity Project Parking Avid NEXIS storage management for free from today right through to 30 November 2020 with no ongoing commitment.



Terms and Conditions

This offer enables a free rental of a 1PB Project Parking software until 30 November 2020.

After the free rental period the end user may choose to:

  • Continue roll forward the rental at the Marquis monthly rental rate licensed against the actual usable Avid NEXIS/ISIS capacity.
  • Discontinue the rental at the end of the month period, including an option to keep the unlicensed software and data in a quiescent state. This is useful for productions which require software each year but not active for the whole year.
  • Purchase a perpetual licence at the end of the rental period.
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