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NEC HYDRAstor® and Marquis Parking
Backup, Archive, and DR for Avid Projects

Park 300


At a Glance

  • Complete Avid storage management
  • Cost effective archive and backup of Avid projects
  • Modular scale-out up to 7.9 PB and 178 TB/hr
  • Advanced erasure-coded data resiliency
  • Global Namespace for flexible distributed access
  • Online Expansion with automatic data migration



With increases in image resolution to 4K and beyond, the size of media assets is driving data growth. Media companies need a highly efficient and cost effective way to optimize the use of shared storage resources and to ensure protection of media assets in the event of a disaster. For facilities running at or close to capacity on their high value primary edit storage - Project Parking is used to free up space by archiving complete Avid projects to NEC’s HYDRAstor scale-out grid storage platform to provide significant savings compared to adding additional shared edit storage. Workspace Parking is used to provide a disaster recovery (DR) backup of the entire storage to HYDRAstor.configuration nec


The HYDRAstor/Parking integrated solution secures your content in the event of fire, theft, flood or equipment failure by replicating data at an offsite location using HYDRAstor’s WAN optimized replication. With the integrated automation of this solution, users can protect the media assets simply by selecting HYDRAstor as the archive location. They would then have the ability to track the status of HYDRAstor replication through the Parking GUI. Integrated backup and disaster recovery solution makes it possible to restore your most critical Avid projects in just minutes by using Workspace Parking and HYDRAstor RepliGrid.


Complete Avid storage management
Project Parking analyzes all Avid projects and media to identify which projects are using up most space and archives those to HYDRAstor.

Set and Forget workspace backup
Workspace Parking enables Avid users to back up entire workspaces, while allowing individual projects or bins to be restored, providing a complete, automated disaster recovery system.

WAN-optimized Disaster recovery
HYDRAstor RepliGrid only sends unique compressed data across the network and significantly reduces bandwidth requirements while providing an in-flight data encryption option for secure transfer.

Scalability and Performance
Pay as you grow with modular scale-out architecture by adding nodes from 1 to 165 nodes with 7.9 PB RAW capacity, up to 178 TB/hr throughput.


Solution Benefits

  • Integration of Parking and HYDRAstor minimizes operational cost and complexity by utilizing pre-configured archive storage
  • Active archiving reduces Avid storage cost while providing online access
  • Save up to 20% or more storage space by removing duplicate copies
  • No loss of Avid projects at any point with storage level high availability and disaster recovery
  • Global Namespace provides fast and flexible access to content
  • Modular scale-out to cope with changes such as resolution, retention period, and ingest and delivery platformsnec hydrastor logo 1

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