Marquis Provides Business Continuity Assurance for Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Marquis Provides Business Continuity Assurance for Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Marquis Broadcast, experts in content workflows and media integration software, has today announced the Danish Public Broadcaster, has selected Workspace Backup, Marquis’ ‘set & forget’ disaster recovery solution for Avid workspaces. The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is now using Workspace Backup as a back-up and restore solution for half a petabyte, every day, from its three ISIS/Interplay systems.

“Previously, we exploited an in-house built solution, however, it had reached capacity and restoring projects was cumbersome,” confirms Gert Hansen, team leader R&D Media Systems. “Now Workspace Backup backs-up and restores our three ISIS/Interplay systems with 350 Media Composers connected and a total capacity around 600 TB.”

Workspace Backup enables Avid users to back-up entire workspaces, while allowing individual projects or bins to be restored, providing a complete, automated disaster recovery system. Workspace Backup uses a standard, open folder structure to store the back-up of entire workspaces. Individual projects or bins of older versions of projects can then be easily identified and immediately restored to an ISIS or a laptop, with all their media, , providing a complete and rapid business continuity solution. A retention policy allows the DR to control when files deleted from the ISIS are removed from the backup.

“Because Workspace Backup’s analysis system runs regularly, every time new and associated media comes online this is included in the backup,” “explains Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Incremental analysis of the changes to the workspace and each project means automated nightly back-ups can be completed in a fraction of the time of a full back-up.

“DR had a workable solution for every piece of storage except the ISIS,” continues Steele. “We worked extensively with DR and our local partner In-Site A/S to ensure that Workspace Backup could update an incremental backup of all their most important ISIS workspaces and complete this daily. Three jobs now back up 177 ISIS workspaces with a total of nearly half a petabyte, every day.”

Hansen concludes: “The automated backup of workspaces and restoration of individual files when needed, enables the reinstatement of complete workspaces as necessary. Workspace Backup is simple to operate and user friendly and is now the perfect “replication / back-up” tool that we were unable find on the market before.”

As well as Workspace Parking, DR also has three Marquis’ Project Parking solutions installed which assist the team to manage their Avid edit storage more effectively.

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