Fotonflite™ Secure Transfer System Launched

Fotonflite enables a high performance, secure ‘on-the-fly’, point to point transfer of Avid Media Composer projects and media workspaces between source Avid ISIS / NEXIS and a broad range of target storage types, including Avid, generic and proprietary storage. It is unique in its ability to do this especially with Avid ISIS / NEXIS work-in-progress.

Fotonflite has been developed in response to two different customer requirements:

  • A studio that needed to securely sync Avid NEXIS between US and UK
  • A post house who wanted to securely protect and manage remote freelance Media Composer projects on tier 2 storage.

Existing transfer technologies were deemed insecure as they required data ‘at rest’ outside of the connected servers. Fotonflite solves this problem by deploying an always ‘in-flight’ encrypted point to point connection.

Using unique ISIS / NEXIS analytics, Fotonflite also transfers the project and media changes as ‘delta transfers’. This intelligence transforms the speed and efficiency of subsequent updates or backups. In some scenarios, reducing network payload by 90%.

This whitepaper describes the underlying technical approach behind Fotonflite and highlights a number of newly supported workflows.

Fotonflite is an option within Marquis Workspace Sync, Workspace Backup and Project Parking. It is available as an upgrade for existing customers with a valid support contract and as an option for new customers.

It also offers more choices when deploying remote disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to protect Avid ISIS / NEXIS work-in-progress.

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