Shared Storage full? Find out why for FREE!

Shared Storage full? Find out why for FREE!

The main challenge with editing workgroups and shared projects is keeping track of where and which assets are used within a project (and other projects). In particular, how media is distributed between workspaces and when is it safe to delete content.

Marquis’ PARKING was conceived with this challenge in mind by creating an application that can both manage archives and optimise storage utilisation.

In one single application PROJECT PARKING analyses all Avid projects and media to identify which projects are using up most space and take appropriate action to transfer, archive or delete.

Marquis has made available as a download a FREE VERSION of the ‘Parking’ storage management solution which analyses Avid storage and projects and presents the results. 

FREE PARKING analyses a facility’s Avid storage and enables editors to assess how it is being used, why it is perhaps full and how much space is wasted. Editors can easily see how much space a single project is taking up and how much room is used up with orphan and duplicate media. FREE PARKING is the only independent tool that can answer these pressing questions.

Users can see how much storage capacity is wasted, how much space individual project’s are taking up and, if they choose, can upgrade to a version of Parking that meets their needs to free-up valuable storage space.

The FREE PARKING download is for use on any Windows computer with ISIS connection at

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