XenData and Marquis Combine Archive and Data Protection for Avid Projects

XenData and Marquis Combine Archive and Data Protection for Avid Projects

Marquis Broadcast has extended its partnership with XenData, the global provider of digital video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, to enable smarter project based Avid archiving with XenData’s new DX-240 near-line disk archive which provides up to 240 TB of RAID with continuous backup to LTO or the Amazon Cloud. The DX-240 provides the performance of RAID with continuous data protection.

Project Parking, Marquis’ Avid storage management software, runs on the XenData DX-240 and analyzes all content on shared edit storage allowing Avid projects to be copied to the XenData archive. Finished projects may then be deleted from high value edit storage, freeing up valuable space. For current projects, snapshots may be copied to the XenData archive and then updated incrementally to provide a secure way to restore previous versions. In addition to the DX-240, Project Parking supports XenData’s range of LTO-7 and Sony ODA archive systems allowing the seamless management of offline LTO or ODA cartridges. Whichever XenData system is used, administrators have the ability to easily copy or migrate projects to secure and low cost storage.

Marquis’ Parking allows a complete archived Avid project to be easily restored from the XenData archive. Parking will check before restoring that all of the required files for a particular project are available from the archive and if LTO or ODA cartridges need to be imported into the XenData archive library, it will notify the user.

“With the ever increasing demands to use more media there is a growing need for organisations to optimize shared storage resources and Project Parking offers an intuitive toolset to analyze and manage media achieve this optimization,” explains Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Project Parking allows you to take control of your Avid shared edit storage because it understands the relationships between Avid projects, folders and bins, and all their media. Then having obtained this full picture, it is easy to select projects for transfer to the XenData archive. By taking care of the technical know-how, Marquis enables end users to focus on the important task of story telling.”

Phil Storey, CEO, XenData comments: “Project Parking for XenData is well proven and delivers a smart solution that provides both data protection for current content and low cost secure archives for finished projects. By combining Project Parking software with a XenData archive, users can move content to secure low cost near-line disk, LTO or ODA cartridges. Our new DX-240 offers low cost near-line disk that is continuously backed up to either a small direct attached LTO library or to the Amazon cloud. When needed, restoring content to the Avid edit storage is fast because it is all coming from RAID. But unlike conventional network attached storage, you have an extra level of protection as everything is backed up to LTO or the cloud.”

“The lack of data protection for content on shared edit storage has been a major problem in the industry for years, and a failure will typically have disastrous consequences,” continues Storey. “Together with Marquis we’ve addressed this issue for Avid users. It is easy to implement a two part strategy where completed projects are moved to secure near-line disk, LTO or ODA cartridges, freeing up space on the edit storage, and current projects are backed up using the incremental snapshot capabilities of Project Parking.”

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