Pebble Beach Systems

Pebble Beach Systems designs and delivers world-class automation, integrated channel technology and content management solutions. The new wave of Pebble Beach Systems products offers the most fully-featured integrated platform for all channel types on the market, delivering operational efficiencies for broadcasters and service providers of all sizes.

Marina represents a step change in automation technology. It is a true next generation automation solution which redefines the role of automation, extending both upstream and downstream to encompass content capture, management and delivery across all channel types without the need to create separate operational silos. Full Unicode compliance means that the entire UI can be localised in any language.

Dolphin delivers powerful and flexible integrated channel technology under the control of Neptune or Marina automation. As an SD/HD video server, master control switcher, character generator and channel branding solution, it supports an exhaustive range of compression and file formats, and can handle multi-format mixed timeline playout, as well as offering true SD and HD simulcast. Dolphin combines exceptional channel density with impressively low power consumption: at IBC we will be demonstrating an unparalleled 12 channels in just 5 rack units, consuming less than 2KW.

About Us

Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

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