PROJECT PARKING is the world's number one selling Avid certified, storage management application. 



PROJECT PARKING uses unique automated system analytics to: 

  • Detect and clean up duplicate and orphaned media, securely sweeping these from the Avid storage
  • Monitor and visualise project and workspace utilisation on an easy to read timeline
  • Externalise Avid projects, making them inherently portable and versionable in external storage



  • DELTA PARKING feature enables versioning and round-tripping of Avid projects in external storage to protect and manage remote freelance work-in-progress
  • Cloud storage connectivity, visualisation and management



  • FOTONFLITE provides secure, accelerated, always in-flight, remote server connectivity for Avid ISIS NEXIS


 Avid Nexis


The simple and sensible bit

The purpose of the trial is to enable users of Avid ISIS NEXIS systems to fully evaluate our software. 

Please note the licence key can only be sent to legitimate business email addresses. 

For simplicity, you will find a manual and a quick start guide in the download section. 

The evaluation also includes a two week UK working hours support contract, so you can contact our support team for assistance during installation or operational advice during the evaluation. 

The two week evalution is a 'one-shot' per user / organisation / site, it may not be repeated. 

If needed the evaluation may be extended with prior agreement with Marquis. 

We reserve the right to terminate this promotion without notice at any time. 

The terms of our end user licence agreeement apply. 


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