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Spectra Logic define, design and deliver innovative data protection through tape-based backup, recovery and archive storage solutions. By igniting innovation Spectra Logic challenge expectations of the data protection market with intelligent, integrated, and simple to use backup and archive technologies.

Marquis Broadcast has announced the introduction of Project Parking for Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Appliance. The integrated solution now allows permanent deep archive or transfer of Avid projects.

Project Parking, provides tools to analyse, manage and optimise Avid online shared storage with extensive and secure archive/transfer of Avid Projects and associated media to BlackPearl. With the support of BlackPearl, Avid Projects and media are efficiently managed between Avid shared storage and BlackPearl deep archive. The combined solution provides flexibility when optimising Avid media and projects ensuring assets are secure and instantly accessible via BlackPearl.

In this way daily, weekly shared storage administration processes are speeded-up, enabling personnel to focus on critical or revenue making tasks. It also frees-up valuable edit storage space, providing more head-room to accommodate new projects. The new solution enables whole projects, sequences, all the media files or just the bins that are important to be parked or taken off-line. Projects can be brought back easily or deep archived directly into Spectra® T-Series libraries thanks to the new integration.

Spectra Logic works with partners like Marquis to bring highly scalable, tightly integrated solutions that increase efficiencies for broadcast environments. Marquis Project Parking users can now leverage a low cost, easy-to-deploy solution to bring archive capabilities into Avid environments. The complete solution lets users affordably archive and edit very large amounts of video files with the integrated BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance.


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