Interplay Metadata Export Tool (IMET)

Export Interplay Metadata to make it widely available and also reduce size of the Interplay database.

Ideal for facilities that have large, historic, Interplay databases and want to reduce size, but keep the metadata accessible to their production staff.
Metadata is exported by simply dragging a project into a folder. From there the export tool extracts the structure, metadata, sequence AAFs and header frames for all master-clips, sub-clips, group-clips and sequences. This is then used to populate a set of folders and data files which are presented through a simple website.
Once exported the user could choose to delete the information from Interplay, so reducing the number of assets held in the database.

IMET architecture

The architecture of IMET that uses modern micro services and standard web technologies.


The UI of IMET in a browswer (right) compared to the same project in Interplay (left).


The IMET metadata search dialog.

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