Medway is a powerful and scalable workflow software system, providing a complete digital workflow to ensure edit platforms, MAMs, video servers and archive systems work seamlessly together. Used globally by broadcast, production, post-production, newsrooms and playout facilities, Medway integrates multiple incompatible systems, transcoding and rewrapping media and metadata and supporting complex multi-resolution workflows.

The Medway advantage

Supports legacy codecs

Integrates media and metadata at clip and sequence level between systems

Multi-vendor connectivity

Off the shelf vendor support, simplifies and accelerates the deployment of new workflows and avoids complex bespoke integrations

Seamless third party Avid integration

Import, export and management of media and metadata, ideal for fast news and production acquisition workflow automation

On-premise and cloud applications

Medway can be deployed on-premise or workflows spun out into the cloud as required

In-house developers

We develop the complete Medway software stack so we’re always responsive and flexible to client requests; if we commit to deliver a new Medway feature, we do so in a mutually-agreed timescale


Marquis won the IABM BaM 'Best Project or Collaboration' Award at NAB23 for its work with Sinclair, Avid and Sony on news acquisition

Great clients

Medway is used by major media enterprises, including CBS Viacom, Discovery, BBC, Sinclair, A+E, ITV, RTVE, RedBee, NEP and BR

Fantastic support and great professional services

Experienced engineers, doing what they know best, and on the phone when you need them

Medway partner infrastructure


News and production acquisition

Marquis is transforming news and production acquisition workflows for Avid editing systems, enabling clever proxy relinking and enriched metadata streams via 5G. We're working with a growing number of technology partners, including Sony, Avid, LiveU, Wolftech and Ross, to help customers accelerate and streamline content gathering and production workflows. Learn more here

Library archive

Medway simplifies Avid workflow complexity by use of the world’s largest library of certified workflow and metadata integrations. This enables clients and integrators to build out the precise workflows they need, including complex migrations from legacy production, transmission and DAM systems to new and contemporary systems.

Cloud integration

Many broadcasters use cloud storage – either public or private – but need to understand how it will link to their existing on-site workflows. Medway offers integration between incompatible systems in media production workflows and is also cloud-enabled, bringing the richest set of legacy and contemporary integrations to cloud and hybrid workflows.

We’re engaged with Avid on its MediaCentral® news production platform, Sony on cameras and C3 Portal and Marquis Medway to enable complex workflow integrations. We’ve enabled real business and operational benefits, with fast story turn-around and structured metadata automatically delivered to newsrooms. Our newsrooms can cut several versions of the same story to deliver to digital platforms faster and with improved relevance."

Transition to IP

Demands on media production infrastructure have expanded exponentially, especially with the transition to IP-based workflows. We help facilities improve the efficiency and ease of digital workflows, achieving this via cost-effective integration between leading broadcast content applications. Our Medway connectors ensure products such as edit platforms – either standalone or using shared storage – and 3rd-party MAMs and automation systems can work seamlessly together.

Multi-vendor and legacy workflows

Businesses require highly-agile, fast multi-vendor interconnected workflows, plus need to adapt to new standards and file types. The snag is how to easily integrate legacy infrastructure into the new workflows and make existing workflows more efficient and effective. In its simplest form, Medway works by transferring media and metadata from a source system to a destination one. It takes the media in its native format and handles all the processing on its own servers to reduce load.

MEWS (Medway Engine Web Service)

Medway enables workflows to be spun out into the cloud through MEWS, the Medway Engine Web Service. Once Medway is deployed, it enables a world of media-centric connectivity, making the deployment of new workflows as easy as integration to legacy workflows. The cloud compute-hosted MEWS brings the power of Medway to the cloud and offers a simple and fast way to deploy hybrid cloud/ground integrations.

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