About Marquis

Founded in 1998, Marquis develops specialist software to perform tricky integrations, including apps for post-production, disaster recovery, analytics, cloud workflows and large complex enterprise middleware integrations. Its customers range from big studios, including Warner Bros and DreamWorks, broadcasters such as CBS and the BBC, large service providers including Ericsson and Telefonica, right through to post houses such as ENVY and The Farm Group, and finally to many thousands of creative individuals. Marquis partners with most major industry players and many OEM our technology. 


Marquis Broadcast is an Avid Certified Alliance Partner with its Project Parking and Workspace Tools products.

“Marquis is one of the charter members of the Avid Alliance Program, so we're thrilled that Marquis Workspace Tools is now Avid-certified. It provides disaster recovery and business continuity for Avid NEXIS joining the Marquis Parking suite of Avid NEXIS management, analytics and archive tools that are already certified.” - Senior Director, Business Development, Avid