Product datasheets

Our datasheets provide a useful summary of the key features for our main products, including Medway, Project Parking, Workspace Tools, Edit Bridge and Postflux. If you have any other product information requests, please drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Edit Bridge datasheet
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Edit Bridge – Avid Interplay and MediaCentral integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Edit Bridge is successfully used worldwide by production companies, broadcasters and post houses to integrate Adobe editors and artists within Avid Interplay or MediaCentral production management environments. It enables the attachment of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects applications to the Avid environment, increasing production flexibility.

Medway datasheet
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Medway – Scalable workflow software system Medway is a powerful workflow software system, providing a complete digital workflow to ensure edit platforms, MAMs, video servers and archive systems work seamlessly together. Used globally by broadcast, production, post-production, newsrooms and playout facilities, Medway integrates multiple incompatible systems, transcoding and rewrapping media and metadata and supporting complex multi-resolution workflows.

Postflux Datasheet
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Postflux – Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects workflow tool Postflux is an Adobe Premiere, After Effects (and shortly DaVinci Resolve) production and management tool. It’s suited to organisations with many creative operators, who need to easily manage their creative environment, production lifecycle and associated distributed workflows. Importantly, Postflux provides automated protection for work-in-progress and finished content, backing up or processing files at specified times.

Project Parking datasheet
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Project Parking – Avid-certified storage management Avid-certified Project Parking is the industry gold-standard for Avid storage management analytics and project portability, providing project analytics, visualisation, management and archiving. It uses advanced low-level analytics to enable significant simplification of Avid shared storage operations. 

Workspace Tools datasheet
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Workspace Tools – Backup, restore and sync software for Avid Workspace Tools protects Avid shared storage work-in-progress. There are three products in the toolkit – Workspace Projects, Workspace Backup and Workspace Sync. Together, they offer the highest level of resilience and protection, providing the industry’s fastest recovery time when measured against the hardest performance benchmark – recovery to live production.