Digitisation offered a way to rid the world of analogue and proprietary digital video tape formats and make content more easily accessible and exploitable...

Media companies of all shapes and sizes are being increasingly targeted by ransomware. Unlike many other victims, loss of data invariably means loss of content in some form. However, for the media industry, content is the very essence of the business. Unfortunately, this could be the next news bulletin, a partially completed movie, a fast turnaround production, a commercial; the effects of ransomware can be devastating. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2021 14:21

Is Your Facility Safe?

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Disaster recovery and business continuity sound quite abstract terms in the context of a creative post-production environment. However, these strategies and plans represent insurance policies against loss of data and – more importantly – loss of work-in-progress.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 13:33

Techno-workflow-confessional at IBC 2019

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I have a confession: IBC2019 is going ‘to be’ different.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019 13:28

NAB 2019 Review

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We’re all back and recovered from NAB!

Although overall NAB registrations were down by 1.6% to 91,460. We really bucked this downward trend and our contacts are up year on year by 17.5% of which 48% were all new contacts. For any exhibitor these are a cracking set of figures, despite an epic hike to the back of the south hall.

Avid® Interplay® PAM has become a mainstay of many production workflows. It is relied upon daily by large and small production facilities around the world to find, track, archive and deliver projects. Some have been using Interplay for many years and have been actively managing the media on their ISIS NEXIS; usually archiving media after use. However, for very good reasons they have intentionally not archived or deleted the Interplay metadata associated with project media that has been archived.

When people ask me exactly what I and Marquis Broadcast do, I say we make software for television and movie production. The next question is usually, do you know a famous actor, musician, personality? I'm afraid my world is more ordinary than that, often about resolving mind bending, complex integrations. Nothing too sexy or exciting, just making things work for the journalists, producers and creatives of the world. Some people also know of us for our big enterprise integrations for broadcasters and studios.