Marquis introduces subscription model for Project Parking and Workspace Tools

New subscription model ideally suited to project-based post-production budgets

Marquis is introducing new software licensing options for its popular Project Parking and Workspace Tools project management systems, enabling customers to access the software via a subscription. The new monthly model is ideally suited to post-production customers, allowing budgeting of the software per project as required as an operational spend, rather than as capital expenditure. At IBC and NAB, Marquis is showcasing some of the software development services projects it has delivered over the past two years, using a mix of workflows and technologies to transform the cost of using cloud in post-production.

As storage capacities grow and timescales shrink, along with the ever-present threat of ransomware, managing media and metadata has never been more important. Files need to be moved carefully – both into and out of your projects and servers – then archived when complete. Ransomware mitigation should ideally be included as part of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The new subscription model for Project Parking and Workspace Tools software makes this much simpler for customers, offering complete control and visibility of media and data, with full ransomware mitigation and back-up.

Marquis has also launched its free Project Parking Storage Vision software (more information and free download available here) to analyse and optimise your stored media files. Whether you have a large Avid NEXIS system or a third-party system that acts as Avid storage, this analytics tool can provide you with a good business case to upgrade your storage if you're using space efficiently but don't have enough, or can help you optimise and free up space on your existing system. And with the SaaS subscription model for both Project Parking and Workspace Tools, tidying your storage and protecting your business from ransomware makes financial sense too.

“If you’re not running Project Parking regularly, you may be wasting around 20% of your Avid NEXIS system, which has huge cost implications,” explains Paul Glasgow, Marquis’ Managing Director. “Project Parking’s clever analytics prevents duplicate and orphaned media propagating into your back-ups, saving significant amounts of storage whilst also accelerating time-critical sync backup and recovery processes. With our new SaaS service for Project Parking and Workspace Tools, customers have access to these tools as required for their projects. It allows them to off-hire to NEXIS much faster, accelerating workflow and potentially saving a couple of weeks’ NEXIS hire costs at the end of each project – this becomes a very flexible and cost-effective option for any project.” 


About Project Parking and Workspace Tools

Marquis’ Avid-certified Project Parking tool is the industry gold-standard for Avid storage management analytics and project portability, providing project analytics, visualisation, management and archiving. It is an analytics-based Avid ISIS/NEXIS storage management system, using advanced low-level analytics to enable significant transformation and simplification of ISIS/NEXIS operations. Workspace Backup provides disaster recovery for Avid ISIS/NEXIS systems, using unique Avid project and workspace data analytics to understand the nature and context of assets held within a workspace and linked assets in other workspaces.

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